‘I want to live at Legoland for 100 days’

These, the words from a six year old after staying overnight at Legoland’s new woodland village that opened in May.

The Windsor family attraction has unveiled its newest holiday addition in the form of an impressive 150-lodge LEGO woodland village complete also with camping barrels for families fully immerse themselves in all things LEGO on an stay overnight at the theme park.

This newspaper was invited along to try out one of the new lodges.

As a Berkshire-born child (who is now navigating their third decade of life), I have always remembered the entrance to Legoland as the perfect build up of excitement. Winding our way up the giant hill into Legoland, trying to spot all the various Lego creations on the way up - a memory that has stuck with me ever since.

So, it was really lovely and nostalgic to see this is still the case for eagerly arriving families decades on.

(Image: NQ)

Pulling up outside the Woodland Village, the same anticipation greets you at the steps of the all-new Woodland 'Clubhouse' covered in LEGO creations. A huge play park in sight to the left, a LEGO pit in reception ready to go, and décor designed to transport you instantly somewhere mystical and magical.

Check in was easy having sorted the logistics online prior, leaving only a code to be entered at reception ready for the key handover. A quick map check, and we were off on a wander through the winding woodland pathways to find our lovely little lodge.

The excitement was almost too much for the children in our party (age 3 and 6), that same anticipation of finding a different LEGO creation round every corner before reaching our front door.

‘Look auntie a butterfly’ or ‘look LEGO squirrels’, the wonder was lovely to see and models nothing short of impressive.

Our three year old took charge and swiped the key to open our lodge, a colourful bedroom greeting us with cupboards, a desk, and tv. Off the main bedroom was a en suite with shower.

Behind a curtain sat a dream child’s bedroom with bunk beds (plus 3rd pull out if needed), complete with star lights, the LEGO movie on loop on the lodge's second TV, and another LEGO pit.

(Image: NQ)

Barely letting our bags hit the ground, the next rush of excitement and energy came in the form of a ‘woodland ranger challenge’ left for us in the room. Children are tasked with three short number challenges including spotting how many butterflies for example are hidden around the lodge.

The animals hidden among fantastic murals that make a statement piece in both bedrooms, alongside yet more LEGO creations that adorn the walls.

The challenge - to figure out the numerical code that will open the safe nestled in the children’s bedroom and find the prize inside. The next 15 minutes consisted of a lot of desperate pleas of ‘auntie quick we need to find the treasure’, and urgent counting round the room ‘quick, quick, quick’.

Despite adult involvement, it took a few attempts… however the safe was soon opened, energy still high, and treasure uncovered in the form of flags, pop badges, a ranger activity book, and mini LEGO model set.

A fantastic start to our overnight stay, and one that had the kids engaged, excited, and eagerly awaiting bedtime in an all-too exciting kids bedroom set up.

Dinner had been pre-booked as prompted by emails/texts from Legoland prior to check in. Not necessary but advised, with our experiencing proving a fairly busy restaurant come 6:30pm ish.

The Campfire-themed restaurant, back at the Woodland Clubhouse base, provided three different menus for young ones aged up to 3, a menu for mini rangers, and then the adult menu. The options weren’t hugely inspiring, however every basic you’d need to keep an average family happy - your typical burgers, chargrilled chicken, ribs and steak, or fish dishes, salads, or a pasta option.

The 'family forest focaccia' starter proved a hit for our party, black garlic infused sharing pizza topped with balsamic onions, mozzarella cheese, and rosemary. Even if some confusion meant our starters and mains all came out at once- at least it kept the kids happy!

Also keeping the kids happy through the meal, was the mini LEGO model set uncovered from our lodge safe. A nice touch!

The draw of yet another LEGO pit (building station) soon proved all-too much for the youngsters in our party, so we swiftly moved across to the bar area to join the many children sifting excitedly through the LEGO pieces. Creative chaos but in the most precious way.

The hours past, along with our amazement of how committed the children had become to finishing their creations, and a happy instalment of LEGO creature meet and greets or story times to entertain along the way.

(Image: Legoland)

Bedtime came and the star lights in the children’s room proved a hit, as too did the tv which had the LEGO movie on loop for the ‘ok just five minutes before bed’ pledge - 'you're on holiday'. 

For the adults, a comfy space with your own tv (as long as your youngsters aren’t light sleepers!) or the added option of having a peaceful perch on the terrace at the front of your woodland lodge as the sun sets (something our neighbours enjoyed doing until 1am…why not when on holiday eh!).

The lodge proved a good night’s sleep, only disrupted by the 6am wake up call to play LEGO - something as auntie is not a regular occurrence...

7.15am we wandered back to the Clubhouse again for breakfast - also booked prior to check in. The experience much of the same set up as dinner albeit less options. Your customary fry up on offer for adults or pancakes, plus a small selection of pastries at the buffet.

For kids, the same but mini-sized. Basic but enough to keep our youngsters happy ahead of a day at Legoland - plus a round of Adventure Golf on offer with an overnight stay at the Woodland retreat currently.

(Image: NQ)

Tummies full and another quick LEGO pit play, it was back to our little lodge to check out by 10am, however, not before another woodland challenge to spot all the different Lego creations posted around the village.

Fantastic falcons, brick-built badgers, and LEGO ladybirds adorn tree trunks and plinths around the lodges - yet another challenge for youngsters to spot them all - with the promise of a ranger pop badge to be collected at the end of it.

To think this was all before even entering the theme park for the day - the main attraction - yet we had already had such excitement an wonder during our overnight adventure.

All in all, the trip proved perfect for the kids. Amazement from the moment we stepped into the village, excitement bursting from the build-it style LEGO bedrooms, and surprises round every corner that kept attentions and energy high.

All that in just one night, it is no wonder the six-year-old in our party was keen to stay for 99 more.

(Image: Legoland)