A depraved child abuser pushed a brave boy off a 100ft cliff who tried to intervene to stop him raping an underage girl.

Movie extra Anthony Stocks, of Iceni Close, Goring, was found guilty of rape, attempted murder and causing or inciting a child under 13 to engage in sexual activity at Oxford Crown Court on June 6.

A jury also convicted him on four counts of sexual assault of a child under 13.

The trial heard that Stocks, 54, had been abusing a girl - and another child intervened to stop him.

Stocks drove the boy to the cliffs at Ovingdean, near Brighton, and pushed him over the edge.

Remarkably, the child survived - though he had no recollection of the fall.

Both the boy and the girl Stocks had been abusing testified at trial.

The defendant had been grooming and abusing the girl for several years.

Stocks told a mental health worker that he wanted to 'marry' her, and the boy became aware of the abuse.

Detective Sergeant Rachel Jackson, of Thames Valley Police's Child Abuse Investigation Unit, said: "What then transpired is nothing short of horrifying.

"He [Stocks] won the boy’s trust, taking him to see Chelsea's football stadium, as the boy was passionate about football, and particularly Chelsea FC.

"From there, he asked the boy if he wanted to go to the seaside.

"The boy could have had no idea what Stocks had planned to do."

Stocks maintained that he took the boy to Ovingdean to show him where the iconic finale to the 1979 film Quadrophenia was filmed.

He testified that he fell accidentally - but the jury rejected this account.

DS Jackson described Stocks as a 'very dangerous' man, who plotted to kill the boy and then sought to deceive the authorities.

She described the case as 'one of the worst' she has ever seen.

DS Jackson said: "I would like to praise both victims for their unbelievable courage and resolve that helped us to bring Stocks to justice.

"They showed immense maturity and clarity, both in their interviews with police and at court, about what had happened to them.

"It's because of this truly inspirational courage that Stocks has now been brought to justice, and will be sent to prison for a long time.

"It has been truly humbling to support them through this investigation."