The Conservative MP candidate has pledged to ‘prioritise Reading’ as he launches his campaign to take the town’s main MP seat.

Raj Singh has officially been announced as the Conservative candidate for the Reading Central constituency, covering the town centre, Southcote, Coley, Battle and East Reading.

He is currently a councillor for Kentwood ward, after being elected in 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023.

Cllr Singh says he is ‘honoured’ to have been selected as an MP candidate.

Like Sir Alok Sharma, the departing Conservative MP for Reading West, he was born in India.

Cllr Singh said: “As a Conservative, I believe in a small state, lower taxes, rule of law and the right to live with dignity.

“I was born prematurely in a small Indian village, and the doctors gave me a week to live.

“However, I defied those odds. My resilience and refusal to give up defines my conservative spirit.

Raj Singh, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Reading Central seat, and a borough councillor for Kentwood ward. Credit: Raj Singh, Reading Central ConservativesRaj Singh, the Conservative parliamentary candidate for the Reading Central seat, and a borough councillor for Kentwood ward. Credit: Raj Singh, Reading Central Conservatives

“I will be on the side of Reading residents, fighting for them with the same spirit. Reading is my home. I live, rest, and work with my wife and my six-year-old son.

“I hold a master’s degree in Business and IT and work in cybersecurity. I’m at the frontline of protecting our country’s businesses from Russian and Chinese cyber attacks.

“Today, I am what I am because of the fantastic opportunities that Britain gave me. I know that Reading’s residents are disillusioned with politics and with politicians, and are looking for change.”

Describing how he would represent Reading, cllr Singh said:  “As your MP, I will prioritise constituency issues over Westminster politics. You deserve a parliamentarian who will wholeheartedly champion your cause, no matter how controversial the issue.

“Unlike Matt Rodda, who does what Keir Starmer tells him to do and fails to hold the Labour-run Reading Council accountable for their disastrous policies, I will be standing for the residents.”

Cllr Singh has touted his time as a representative, which has involved:

Cllr Singh added: “During the recent floods, I coordinated welfare checks for residents in collaboration with the council and emergency services.

“These actions demonstrate my ability to advocate persuasively and get things done for our residents.

“I have consistently held the council accountable for their anti-motorist policies and advocated for fair treatment and better infrastructure for all road users.

“At the doorsteps, Reading residents told me what are their priorities for Reading Central, their priorities are my priorities which include:

  1. Energising our local economy, championing our businesses, and revitalising the town centre.
  2. More homes for young families tailored to local needs.
  3. More policing, stronger sentences, safer streets.
  4. Improving our local healthcare and social care support.
  5. Holding the Labour-run Reading Borough Council accountable for the condition of roads, pavements, and local infrastructure.
  6. Preventing flooding on our streets and addressing sewage issues in our rivers.

“Labour and Matt Rodda are busy campaigning in the neighbouring constituencies, taking Reading residents’ votes for granted.

“Reading Central residents deserve an MP with a proven track record of getting things done and who prioritises people over politics.

“On July 4, the choice is between continuity with the Labour Candidate or change with me.”