A Berkshire train station has been named one of the ‘worst in the UK' – according to fresh figures.

Reading ranks as the 20th worst performing train station, over the four weeks leading to May 31 – for passenger count and performance compared to all 2,628 stations, according to Ontimetrains.

Despite its ranking compared to other Berkshire stations, the town's main station has a performance score of 84 percent.

This means that the majority of trains are on time.

Reading Central Station sees 44,196 passengers travel through it on a daily basis with trains running to and from London.

A spokesperson for Network Rail said:  “Train performance in the Thames Valley hasn’t been good enough, and we’re sorry to our passengers who haven’t been getting the reliable service they deserve.

"More trains are running on our tracks than ever before. As well as managing wear and tear on the railway infrastructure, this means that more trains are affected whenever we experience an incident, regardless of whether it is due to weather conditions, trespass or a problem with the infrastructure. 

“We are continuing to work closely with our industry partners to do everything we can to provide a more reliable railway for passengers and freight. We’re already seeing encouraging signs that our performance improvement plan is having a positive impact across the region.”