Confusion has spread as the official Reading Borough Council X/Twitter account was temporarily suspended.

Users of the social media platform noticed that the account @ReadingCouncil was down yesterday (Wednesday, May 29).

A screenshot showed the council’s posts deleted with the message: “This account doesn’t exist, try searching another.”

X/Twitter personality Inedible Reading queried: “Has Reading Council deleted it’s X account??”

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Addressing the outage, a council spokesperson posting on Facebook said: “Access to the Council’s X account has been temporarily suspended.

“We are working with the platform to resolve the issue, but until then, teams are unable to respond to any queries sent to the Reading Council page.

“The Council’s other social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Nextdoor are unaffected, and our customer services team are happy to assist with queries here.

“Alternatively, you may find the answer you need on our website:, Many thanks for your patience.”

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Reading Borough Council’s X/Twitter account was restored today (Thursday, May 31).

The council’s comeback post stated: “Pardon the interruption!

“Access to our X account has been restored this morning, and our customer service team are available to action your queries as normal, thank you for your patience while this issue was resolved.”