In a bid to help motorists navigate the fluctuating costs of fuel, we've rounded up the cheapest petrol and diesel prices across Berkshire.

With fuel prices continuing to impact household budgets, finding the most economical options is more crucial than ever.

According to the RAAC website, the average price for unleaded currently sits at 148.63p, whilst the price for diesel sits at 155.01p.

RAAC forecasts that the price of unleaded petrol and diesel "should fall" in the near future.

Our round-up shows the best deals and locations to fill up your tank according to


1) Costco Reading - Unleaded 136.9p and Diesel 142.9p

2) Sainsbury's Calcot - Unleaded 140.9p and Diesel 146.9p

3) Calcot Service Station - Unleaded 141.9p and Diesel 147.9p

West Berkshire

1) Chieveley Motor Company / Murco Thatcham - Unleaded 147.9p and Diesel 152.9p

2) Sainsbury's Newbury - Unleaded 147.9p and Diesel 151.9p

3) Tesco Newbury Extra - Unleaded 147.9p and Diesel 151.9p


1) Asda Lower Earley - Unleaded 144.7p and Diesel 151.7p

2) Applegreen Reading  / Lower Earley Service Station - Unleaded 144.8p and Diesel 151.8p

3) ESSO Aborfield Road / Shinfield Service Station - Unleaded 146.7p and Diesel 153.7p


1) Tesco Bracknell North - Unleaded 147.9p and Diesel 152.9p

2) Tesco Wokingham Automat - Unleaded 147.9p and Diesel 152.9p

3) ESSO London Road - Unleaded 148.9p and Diesel 154.9p


1) Murco Datchet - Unleaded 144.9p and Diesel 149.9p

2) Tesco Slough Wellington Extra - Unleaded 146.9p and Diesel 151.9p

3) Park Farnham Road Service Station - Unleaded 146.9p and Diesel 152.9p

Windsor and Maidenhead

1) ESSO Forlease Road - Unleaded 146.9p and Diesel 154.9p

2) Asda Express Maidenhead / Texaco Maidenhead - Unleaded 147.7p and Diesel 155.7p

3) Shell Maidenhead - Unleaded 148.9p and Diesel 156.9p