The Conservatives have proposed mandatory national service for all young people if they win the general election on July 4.

Under the plans, young people would spend one weekend every month for a year working with a non-military service - such as the police or NHS.

On top of this, 30,000 specialist roles would be created in the army, navy or air force, available to youths who demonstrate aptitude or a particular skillset.

On Facebook, we asked readers what they made of the plans.

Some users were positive, with one claiming that the plans had actually inspired her to vote for the government.

She said: "100% behind this!!! Never thought I would consider voting Tory but here we are."

Others questioned the rationale behind the plans.

One user asked: "Who is administering all of this and at what cost? Why not invest in Youth clubs, more teachers, smaller class numbers, and improve our education system.

"Why wait until a child is 18 to push them into national service because they have spent their life in an underfunded education system and have no desire to work to NOT afford rent, food, clothes etc."

"Why not invest in alternative education methods from an early age. This country desperately needs skilled trades and some of these kids have so much talent.

"Not every child is academic or has a desire to study for 3 years and leave uni with a debt of £50k just to say they have a degree. Why do the conservatives care all of a sudden?!"

Another user argued that the proposals were impractical, not least because the army did not have the resources to manage so many new recruits.

They said: "What do the armed forces - already desperately stretched and under-funded - think of the idea of having to handle thousands of people who don't want to be there? Or any of the other organisations who require enthusiastic, willing volunteers, not people only there because they've no choice?"

One reader wondered why an electorate comprised overwhelmingly of people above national service age was being asked to vote on the scheme.

She asked: "Why are you asking adults who have never had to do this themselves? I doubt our parents had to either! Why do the Tories insist on demonising and punishing young people ? Why not fix the mess they made themselves instead of continuing to scapegoat everyone else"