Woodley’s new mayor has appealed to councillors to set aside political differences and unite to give their ‘best to the population of Woodley'.

Conservative councillor Juliet Anderson was elected unanimously as the town council’s new mayor on May 7.

In an acceptance statement she called on councillors to ‘avoid using different political allegiances as ammunition against each other'.

She said: “I’m very honoured to have been elected mayor of Woodley for this coming year. I will do my best to fulfil the duties asked of me in a professional, collegiate way with good humour and optimism.

“My expectation of all councillors and officers is that we share and are united behind a single role to be the best to the population of Woodley.

“If we work together, and try to avoid using different political allegiances as ammunition against each other, we can achieve continued success in these very challenging economic times.”

Outgoing mayor Conservative councillor Janet Sartorel said she had been ‘honoured’ to serve as Woodley’s mayor for three years.

She said: “This has been my third and final year as mayor. It’s been an honour to serve Woodley community and council as mayor.”

Conservative councillor David Bragg was also elected as the new deputy mayor. The council is made up of 17 Conservatives, five Labour councillors, two Liberal Democrats and one independent.