Legoland is one of the biggest and most renowned theme parks in the UK, frequented by thousands of visitors every day.

From unique accommodation to one-of-a-kind rides and attractions, you will find something to cater to any age at the Berkshire venue.

With nine locations across the world, Legoland Resort Windsor offers the space for families to enjoy a host of rides during the day and the space for an overnight stay with even the rowdiest of kids.

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To complement the beautiful Berkshire countryside location, Legoland's creative designers decided to offer visitors a way to enjoy their overnight stay surrounded by nature.

Our reporter, Nicole, visited the new ‘Woodland Village’ before it opens to the public on Friday 24.

Unlike the current two Lego Hotels which are currently located onsite, the village offers three types of accommodation to cater for every price point and comfort level.

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As you enter the site from Carpark C, the first thing that you see is the Woodland Village clubhouse where guests will be able to check in before heading to their room. The clubhouse also contains a shop, an entertainment space (and bar) and a restaurant for families to enjoy.

The different residencies within the village include the camping barrels, which sleep 4, the lodges and the premium lodges. These sit in cosy neighbourhoods throughout the site.

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Although the ‘Woodland Village’ offers a more rustic feel than most accommodation choices in Legoland, the facilities give off almost a glamping aura. Even the camping barrels, that have the appearance of a giant barrels, come with electric and access to separate showers and washing facilities.

The creator, Nigel Wood, certainly has gone all out to offer visitors comfort and affordability, in the beautiful surroundings in the heart of the Berkshire countryside.

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The lodges are grouped into neighbourhoods with a small playground in the centre for kids to interact and play after a day at the park. This will give parents the chance to relax on their porch with a glass of wine after running after the park all day.

As I was taken on a tour around the Woodland Village I could almost feel the excitement and freedom that this new space will give families and groups of visitors.

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And, of course, no Legoland village will come without the signature Lego figures throughout the grounds. Each animal or character introduces a different neighbourhood so there is no way of getting lost through the sea of barrels and lodges.

The village is the perfect place to take kids if you want to experience some space and fresh air without the hassle of braving the cold hard ground or uncomfortable beds that come with traditional camping.