Reading residents have praised Sainsbury’s after their decision to switch to a complete self-service checkout went live in the town centre.

Sainsbury’s Superstore on Broad Street is located opposite the Oracle and caters to hundreds of shoppers every day.

Over the years Sainsbury’s has seen multiple changes within its stores including the introduction of exit scanners to prevent shoplifters and the transformation to a fully self-service system.

According to shoppers at the store on Broad Street, there has been a general positive view on the change to fully self-service.

Most people that the Chronicle spoke to were unaware of the change due to its gradual switch.

A Reading resident, Lalidh, who frequents the store every week said: “I like using self-service because it makes me feel free."

The 60-year-old shopper stated that he feels that shopping is a lot easier and less hassle.

Another shopper, Naomi Maingi explained: “I only go into the Sainsbury’s from time to time so I havn’t noticed that they have gone fully self-service.

“If I bought in bulk in Sainsbury’s I think that it would affect me but currently I just go in for a few things and I always use self-service.”

Following the decision, multiple check-out desks have been removed to make way for further self-service machines for customers who need more room at the check-out.

There are currently still two in-person check-out tills in the store. According to a staff member however these are not in use.

Three friends who were shopping in Sainsbury’s on Sunday evening also stopped to speak to the Chronicle about their experience with self-service.

Sarai David said: “I love it because I don’t feel the pressure to buy things that I might change my mind about at the checkout. If I get to the till and don’t want it I feel free to put it back.”

In comparison to other Sainsbury’s superstores, the shop in Broad Street in Broad Street has limited space with a fewer products than other stores across the town.

There is also a Sainsbury’s on Friar Street which offers more room and a greater supply of products.

What do you think about the Broad Street Mall Sainsbury’s changing to fully self-service?