The Labour Party is currently in control of Reading Borough Council as voters go to the polls for the 2024 local elections.

Labour has been in control of the borough council since 2011.

Currently, 32 councillors wear red rosettes on the council.

The second largest party, and therefore leaders of the opposition, are the Green Party, who have seven councillors.

You can see the composition of the council in the graphic below: 

The Greens overtook the Conservatives as the biggest opposition party after the 2022 all-out elections, when all 48 seats of the council were up for grabs.

That year saw the political map of Reading redrawn by the Boundary Commission for England, introducing three-member wards throughout the town.

Since then, the Greens have maintained their place as the lead opposition, with the Conservatives close behind with five councillors.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats have three councillors, all of whom are representatives for Tilehurst ward.

Councillor Sarah Hacker (Independent, Battle) is the sole Independent.

She was elected as a Labour councillor in the all-out elections but was expelled from the party last Spring.

This year, voters will elect one councillor each for all 16 of the wards.

People voting today (Thursday, May 2) must bring photo ID to their designated polling station to be able to vote.