The 19-year-old who stands accused of killing Tilehurst youth Sheldon Lewcock by running a van into him faced a grilling from the prosecutor as he finished giving evidence at trial.

Mr Lewcock, 19, was critically injured in a crash in Pierces Hill, Tilehurst, on August 4, 2022.

He had been out motorcycling with a group of friends when a van driven by Ryan Willicombe crashed into him.

He died at John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on August 9.

Willicombe, now 19, is standing trial at Reading Crown Court accused of murder - a charge he denies.

Over the past two days, the defendant has been facing questions from prosecuting barrister Philip Evans KC.

Friends and family of Willicombe and Mr Lewcock have been filling the public gallery to hear the crucial testimony.

The prosecution in the case contend that Willicombe had a personal score to settle with the motorcyclists, and drove his father's van into them with murderous intent.

On the other hand, the defendant claims that he only wanted to "scare" the group when he drove his van at them, and did not intend to harm them.

He says he had been harassed by a gang of motorcyclists prior to the collision in August 2022.

Mr Evans KC took issue with this account in court today (April 24).

He told Willicombe: "You have made up the account. What really happened was that there was a war going on, in your mind, between you and this other group, wasn't there? And you were just waiting for an opportunity to get them, weren't you?

"And your opportunity came on Pierces Hill on August 4, didn't it?"

Willicombe denied this.

After running down Mr Lewcock, Willicombe abandoned his van at a nearby Co-op.

He then boarded a train to south Wales, where he was arrested shortly after.

At interview on August 5, 2022, the defendant replied 'no comment' to all questions from investigators.

He was re-arrested in September, this time on suspicion of driving his father's van without insurance.

This time, Willicombe claimed at interview that he was not the person driving the van on August 4 when it hit Mr Lewcock.

He has since admitted lying on this occasion.

There were dramatic scenes in court as Mr Evans KC accused Willicombe of deceiving the jury about the events of August 2022.

In response to this, the defendant exclaimed: "How is that a lie?"

Judge Heather Norton intervened, telling Willicombe: "Your answer is either 'yes' or 'no.'"

With the conclusion of Willicombe's testimony, defence barrister Paul Bogan KC called on a final witness, road traffic collision expert Jonathan Webb.

Mr Bogan KC suggested that, on the day of the Pierces Hill crash, the defendant had a very brief window in which he could swerve to avoid Mr Lewcock.

The defence barrister asked Mr Webb if, given the circumstances, Willicombe had insufficient time to react before running down the motorcyclist.

The expert agreed, stating: "There's a little bit of time left to commence braking or steering ... but not enough to avoid [Mr Lewcock]."

Lawyers for the defence and prosecution are expected to close the trial tomorrow (April 25).