Top bods in Reading were bowled over by a visit to one of the most unique sports clubs in the country.

De Montfort Island, also known as Frys Island is located on the River Thames between Caversham and Reading.

The land is used by the Island Bohemian Bowls Club, possibly one of the only islands in the world which is dedicated to bowls.

De Montfort Island was recently visited by councillor Tony Page (Labour, Abbey) the Mayor of Reading, and Matt Rodda, the Labour MP for Reading East.

Both were positively bowled over by the visit.

Mr Rodda said: “It’s the only one in the country and in the world that’s based on an island.

“It was absolutely fascinating to go over there.

“We met lots of club members, we had a very jovial high tea with an incredible array of cakes, bakes and other refreshments. It was absolutely amazing.”

The island takes its name from the De Montfort family.

According to history, the island was the site of a duel between Robert De Montfort and Henry, Earl of Essex, two knights of King Henry II.

The duel took place in 1163, with De Montfort ultimately prevailing.

Apparently, the duel was meant to be to the death, but the monks of Reading were able to nurse Henry of Essex back to health when they realised he was not dead when they were preparing to bury him.

Recounting the history, Mr Rodda said: “The battles now only involve bowls!

“It’s a lovely club, they get there by boat, it’s a wonderful, peaceful setting.

“Lots of local people are in the group of various ages, it’s a wonderful sport and a bit of entertainment for local people.

“I’ve walked past it several times over the years but had never went on the island until then.

“It was really interesting to go onto the island and see how the club members enjoy it.”

Mr Rodda and Cllr Page visited the island on Sunday, April 21.

The visit was one of the last mayoral engagements for Cllr Page, as his term will end in May.

The Island Bohemian Club has been running for over 100 years, with the club dating back to 1908.

Its crest shows the duel between the knights in 1163 as a reflection of the history of the island.

To get to the island, members use a ferry caught at the end of Brigham Road.

You can find out more, including how to join, by calling 0118 9576593 and emailing .

The club holds outdoor bowls events only, with the next open days for new members scheduled for Monday, May 6 and Sunday, May 26, weather permitting.