A young motorcyclist who survived the van collision that killed his 19-year-old half-brother has given evidence at a murder trial.

Ryan Willicombe, 19, from Newbury, is standing trial at Reading Crown Court over the death of Tilehurst resident Sheldon Lewcock.

The prosecution allege that Willicombe intentionally ran his father's van into Mr Lewcock while he was out motorcycling with several friends in Pierces Hill, Tilehurst.

Mr Lewcock died at Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on August 9, 2022, five days after the crash.

The Crown have claimed that, when Willicombe drove the van into the group, he was targeting Kayden Williams, Mr Lewcock's 19-year-old half-brother, with whom he was feuding.

Mr Williams was clipped by the van's wing mirror during the incident on August 4, but did not suffer serious injuries.

He testified at trial on April 18 via live video link.

He said: "It [the van] swerved at me, hit my shoulder. I moved out the way, and then it swerved to the left."

Despite being knocked off his bike, Mr Williams clambered back on and briefly gave chase to the van, hurling a bottle at it.

He said he was unable to identify who was driving the van, and denied having much contact with Willicombe prior to the incident.

At the start of the trial, prosecuting barrister Philip Evans KC outlined how Willicombe had made a number of allegations to police in July 2022.

He told officers that a group of men - including Mr Williams - had been trying to intimidate him into dealing drugs.

He claimed his tormentors had gone so far as to pull a knife on him.

Willicombe admitted driving a van at Mr Williams on at least one earlier occasion in an effort to "scare" him.

Mr Evans KC told jurors: "It is not in dispute that there was no love lost between those two individuals."

In court today (April 18), he asked Mr Williams: "Did you threaten Ryan Willicombe with a knife? Do you know anything about Ryan Willicombe being threatened with a knife?"

Mr Williams denied this, asking the prosecutor: "Do you have proof?"