Jurors in the trial of a 19-year-old accused of killing another youth by running a van into him have been shown violent text messages from his phone.

Ryan Willicombe, a Newbury resident, is standing trial at Reading Crown Court.

He denies a charge of murder, in connection with the death of Sheldon Lewcock.

Mr Lewcock died in hospital on August 9, 2022, five days after his motorcycle was hit by a van in Pierces Hill, Tilehurst.

The prosecution in the case contends that the crash was the culmination of a dispute between Willicombe and Mr Lewcock's half-brother, Kayden Williams - who Mr Lewcock was riding with at the time.

In July 2022 - shortly before the fatal collision - Willicombe told police that a group of youths, including Mr Williams, had been trying to coerce him into selling drugs.

On August 4, Mr Lewcock and Mr Williams were riding as part of a group of motorcyclists when they were hit by Willicombe's van.

Mr Williams was not seriously injured, but Mr Lewcock was hospitalised in critical condition.

He ultimately succumbed to his injuries.

After the crash, Willicombe abandoned the van at a nearby Co-op, before leaving Tilehurst for south Wales.

While there, he remained in communication with a number of people.

In one text exchange - shown to jurors on April 16 - a friend asks Willicombe: "You heard anything about him?"

In response, the defendant said: "Hopefully he dies."

The friend informed Willicombe that there could be severe legal consequences if the personal alluded to died. 

To this, the defendant said: "True. Hopefully he paralysed."

Willicombe was arrested soon after.

The prosecution say he was found by officers hiding in a cupboard at his grandfather's Welsh home.