We look at the cutting-edge injectable hydrogel that delivers long lasting, proven pain relief for knee osteoarthritis without surgery(1-4)

For many of the 8.5 million people in the UK living with knee osteoarthritis (OA),(5) life is hampered by constant pain, limited mobility, and difficulty with simple, everyday tasks. But there’s hope with Arthrosamid® – the first and only permanent injectable treatment that is proven to maintain a significant, long-lasting reduction in knee OA pain – even three years post treatment.(1-4) Experts are calling Arthrosamid  a ‘game-changer.’

Sufferers delay seeking help for knee pain, assuming it’s an unavoidable part of ageing. But Arthrosamid® offers patients a new pathway. Unlike traditional treatments, it’s proven to offer respite from knee osteoarthritis with a single treatment, and without the need for surgery.(1-4)

Knee OA: common causes and treatments

Reading Chronicle: Arthrosamid® offers patients a new pathwayArthrosamid® offers patients a new pathway (Image: Arthrosamid®)

Knee OA is a long-term condition where shock-absorbing cartilage is worn away, causing bones to rub together and the joint to become stiff, swollen, and painful. Despite OA being the most common type of arthritis and the fastest cause of disability worldwide,(6) the treatment area has seen minimal progression in the last 20 years. With so little known about the exact causes of knee OA, a permanent cure has yet to be discovered.

Many sufferers find themselves in an ongoing cycle of treatments, such as painkillers, physiotherapy appointments and various knee joint injectables (eg steroids or hyaluronic acid).  Despite providing some relief, the effects can often be relatively short-lived, leaving many fearing that knee replacement surgery is the only long-term answer.

The emergence of Arthrosamid®, however, has been hailed by leading clinicians as an exciting, first and only injectable hydrogel that has been proven(7) to help patients with knee osteoarthritis and offers a real alternative to surgery. 

What the experts say

Mr Sean Curry, an orthopaedic surgeon from The London Orthopaedic Clinic, one of a number of clinics in the area offering the Arthrosamid® treatment, says: “I’ve treated many patients with Arthrosamid® and have seen them experience significant reductions in pain, as well as improvements in their mobility, and overall quality of life.

“In contrast to other treatments, Arthrosamid® appears to be offering patients long-lasting respite from the pain and immobility of knee osteoarthritis and, in many cases, avoiding or delaying the need for surgery. I believe it’s setting a real benchmark in the area of orthopaedics, offering hope and optimism to many of those living with this condition.”

How does Arthrosamid® work?

Arthrosamid® is a hydrogel made up of 2.5 per cent cross-linked polyacrylamide and 97.5 per cent water. Arthrosamid® combines with the synovial tissue in the knee to form a permanent scaffold,(8) and it’s this unique characteristic that provides a significant reduction in OA pain over a longer period(1-4) — with one single treatment.(7)

Move freely, live fully

Reading Chronicle: Experts are calling Arthrosamid® a ‘game-changer.’Experts are calling Arthrosamid® a ‘game-changer.’ (Image: Arthrosamid®)

Lorraine Dawkins, 60, is a badminton enthusiast from Staines, and has suffered from joint issues for many years but noticed a real improvement since being treated with Arthrosamid®. “The chronic and persistent pain in my knee was starting to get me down and I was keen to look for an alternative to pain medications. I also wanted to help ward off the need for potential knee surgery, as I was concerned about the intensive recovery period necessary to get back to full strength and fitness.

“I decided to give Arthrosamid® a chance and, following a quick procedure with minimal recovery time, I was immediately impressed by the improvements in my pain levels and uplift in overall mobility.  As someone who wants to remain fit, active and pain-free for many years to come, I’m confident I made the right decision which has given me a new lease of life!”

To find your nearest clinic offering the Arthrosamid® treatment, please visit arthrosamid.com/patients/get-treated or email; enquiries@arthrosamid.com

To find out more general information about Arthrosamid®, please visit: arthrosamid.com


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