For 90 percent of people, a night out without a mobile phone may seem inconceivable. With social media taking over our lives and instant communication the norm, a mobile phone is often an extra appendage from the moment you wake up to the moment your head touches the pillow.

So what would you do if you went to a pub and your trusty companion was banned?!

This is exactly what the owners of one of Reading’s oldest pubs did over 10 years ago finding some of the most creative ways to deter mobile users.

The Ale House, on Reading’s Broad Street, is one of the town’s oldest town centre pubs dating back to the 16th century.

With multiple signs posted on its walls alerting people to 'silent phone use only' , the cozy pub has found a way to thrive in a struggling economy without compromising its traditional values.

Jessie Turner, 27, an employee at the Ale House said: “It actually gives the pub a nicer atmosphere because there’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy yourself and someone is on the phone having a loud conversation. So we’re very strict on that.

“We get a lot of people coming in with mobile phones but in that case we just tap one of the signs dotted around the bar.”

“It is an unusual thing but it doesn’t affect our customers or trade in any way. Everyone respects it.”

Two long-time customers of the Ale House spoke to the Chronicle during their visit on a sunny afternoon.

Reading resident, Lizzie said: “It certainly is unusual but no one has really ever minded. If you need to have a phone conversation you just have to take it outside so it doesn’t affect anyone.

“No one really minds and it isn’t a big inconvenience.”