A Caversham leisure park that was forced to close its doors last month has been left in disarray.

Drone pictures of the site show that rubbish and discarded furniture were abandoned at the site of the former Caversham Lakes Watersports venue on Henley Road.

This facility was opened by 48-year-old entrepreneur Martyn Edwards in 2020 and welcomed 100,000 visitors every year.

Following a long-standing planning dispute with South Oxfordshire District Council over the lake and surrounding land being used as a leisure venue, it was closed to the public.

Pictures taken by a member of the public now show the disarray that the piece of land by Caversham Lakes has been left.

Piles of wood and rubbish have been left discarded alongside picnic tables once enjoyed by members of the public.

The building’s and outhouses used by the business have also been left abandoned at the site following instructions by the council to close.

This closure has caused mixed reactions from Berkshire residents who at one time or another frequented the leisure venue.