A new award-winning pizzeria has announced its opening date in Reading Town Centre following months of anticipation.

Located on St Mary’s Butts, Zia Lucia is one of the world’s top artisanal pizza brands founded by Claudio Vescovo and Gianluca D’Angelo.

The Reading branch will be the first restaurant of its kind to open outside London. This is part of the brands' plan to open four additional sites across the UK in 2024.

The Reading branch is set to open its doors on April 3, 2024 with a massive launch event offering 50 percent off pizzas for the first week.

Zia Lucia Co-Founder, Claudio Vescovo expressed his excitement as they celebrate the first opening in Reading with their famous olive dough.

He said: “It is a recipe we have always wanted to introduce to the Zia Lucia family as a special, and it has taken a long time for our chefs to perfect it.

“It has a great olive taste, and visually, you can see the olive spots in the texture of the dough. We love to make not only great tasting doughs, but doughs that are visually tempting too!

“It will join the likes of our black vegetable charcoal dough on the Reading menu. Our roots are in the traditional baking traditions of pizza, but our vision is to continually innovate on the different doughs we can offer our customers.”