A radio DJ has set a new world record after he flew through the air with a slice of pizza, with a goal of dunking it in a dip dozens of feet below.

David Goodings, a radio host and presenter, was at his local Pizza Express enjoying his meal when he had a "crazy idea".

The 30-year-old wondered "What if I could pull off a pizza dip from a significant height?"

He added: "I did some digging online and realised no one had ever attempted a challenge of this nature before."

"After chatting with the team at Pizza Express and roping in a professional bungee jump company, I was all set for the challenge of a lifetime. Sure, they warned me about the risks involved, but I was too excited to let that stop me."

At Bray Lake in Windsor, David took the plunge.

Speaking about the thought process, David said: "The idea was to bungee jump over a lake whilst holding a slice of pizza.

"At the bottom of the bungee jump was a floating platform that had a bowl of garlic butter."

With the help of professionals and support from family and friends, it took David 21 bungee jumps in a row to achieve the successful dip.

He joked: "The pizza after had never tasted so good."

The video has since gone viral, with Pizza Express sharing it online.

They wrote: "Boss said we needed some Spring content, so we teamed up with @davidgoodings to spring into Spring (literally) by completing the World’s highest pizza dip."