Public toilets can be a useful facility if you are in desperate need when out and about, and Reading has a fair few of them around the town.

Whilst public toilets can sometimes not be particularly pleasant to use, they still offer a useful service.

For people living with disability or mobility issues, it is often the little things that turn into a challenge so finding the right facilities can be a big priority.

Reading has been listed in the top 20 towns in the UK for having accessible public toilets.

If you want to be aware of the locations of Reading’s public toilets the site has noted locations in the city and around the UK.

A full map of public toilets around the UK can be found at the ToiletMap website here.

When you’re out and about in the town centre shopping or grabbing a bite to eat, there are seven public toilets within the centre of Reading.

All are distributed evenly across the shops, train station, and public parks.

This includes The Oracle, Broad Street Mall, John Lewis and Reading Train Station.

Reading Chronicle:

All these are clean, well-maintained and accessible.

Moving Eastwards, there are a few public toilets in some of the parks, petrol stations and Museums.

Reading Chronicle:

If you are near the Cemetry Junction area there is a cluster of toilets including at The Museum of English Rural Life, The Pheasant pub, and at the Palmer’s Park Leisure Centre.

Caversham, just outside Reading Town Centre, is one of the most affluent places in Berkshire with a variety of independent shops and parks.

Throughout the area, there are four public ‘unnamed’ toilets according to the Great British Public Toilet Map.

Reading Chronicle:

Oxford Road is a popular and well-traveled road with many restaurants, shops and residential homes.

Between Reading Town Centre and Tilehurst, there are three toilets for public use.

Reading Chronicle:

This includes the facilities in KFC, Tesco Reading W Extra, and Tilehurst train station. The facilities in KFC and Tesco Extra are fully accessible for wheelchair users.

In total within the main areas of Reading, there are 23 public toilets in the town.