A gate to a busy passageway in the university area of Reading has been reinstated after it was taken off its hinges by vandals.

The footpath between Upper Redlands Road and Cardigan Gardens is a busy passageway used by students to get to and from the University of Reading Whiteknights Campus.

The passage also serves as an access to the St William of York Catholic Church, where Latin worship is held daily.

While it is a busy route, there is no public right of way, with the passage being managed by the St James and St William of York Catholic parish.

The gate was seen removed from its hinges on Sunday, March 3.

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The passageway is typically closed from 9pm to 7am each day, but in recent months the passageway has been left open at night.

The gate was seen to be reinstated on Tuesday, March 12, with volunteer neighbours appointed by the parish tasked with closing and opening it once again.

A spokesperson for the university expressed happiness on hearing that the gate had been reinstated.

Thames Valley Police received a report of the vandalism and is seeking witnesses.

A spokesperson for the force said: “Thames Valley Police received a report of criminal damage at around midnight on Saturday, March 2 in Cardigan Gardens. A gate was damaged.

“Following an investigation, the report has been filed pending further information coming to light. Anyone with further information should call 101 or make a report on our website, quoting reference number 43240098636.”