Progress is being made on changes to a busy petrol station in Reading.

The fuel station in Bath Road is set to undergo changes which includes installing a new canopy and signage.

Over in Caversham, two separate landowners have applied to build new homes.

You can view each application by typing the reference in brackets into the council’s planning portal.

Progress made on petrol station changes (240235)

Reading Chronicle: Approved elevation plans for the Southcote Express Esso Tesco fuel station in Bath Road, West Reading. Credit: Bowman RileyApproved elevation plans for the Southcote Express Esso Tesco fuel station in Bath Road, West Reading. Credit: Bowman Riley

Changes are on the way at the Southcote Express petrol station in Bath Road.

An upgrade project involves the installation of new fuel tanks, signage and a taller 5.2 metre canopy to enable greater clearance for tall vehicles.

The changes were approved in February under application reference 231613, on the condition that no work can begin until a land assessment and construction plan is approved by the council.

These details have now been submitted, with the project able to start once they have been approved.

Replacement home in Caversham (240149)

Reading Chronicle: Proposed elevations for a replacement four bedroom home in Kidmore Road, Caversham. Credit: HAC Design

The owner of a house in Kidmore Road has applied to demolish it and replace it with a new home.

The existing house stands 2.5 storeys tall, containing four bedrooms upstairs and the usual living facilities downstairs.

Reading Chronicle: A house in Kidmore Road Caversham, which could be demolished and replaced with a new four bedroom home. Credit: Google Maps

The owner wants to knock it down and replace it with a new four-bedroom home that would provide enlarged double bedrooms and living space at ground level.

According to a planning agent for the owner, the development has already been approved under application reference 230213.

New five-bed home in Emmer Green (230549)

Reading Chronicle: The street scene for the proposed new five bedroom home in Tredegar Road, Emmer Green. Credit: Robert Rigby Architects

A plan has been submitted to build a new two-storey home on overgrown land in Emmer Green.

The project would see trees retained and parts of the site cleared to make space for the new home which would be built next to an existing house.

Reading Chronicle: The existing street scene in Tredegar Road, Emmer Green. Credit: Google Maps

The new home would come with five double-bedrooms, with two being ensuite, and the usual living facilities on the ground floor.

A previous plan for a four-bedroom home on the site was approved by the council’s planning department four years ago.

Plan for parking spaces on garden (240206) 

Reading Chronicle: A house in Erleigh Road, Reading, where the owner has applied to establish parking spaces on the existing lawn. Credit: James Aldridge, Local Democracy Reporting Service

The owner of a house in Erleigh Road has applied to knock down an existing border wall and railings to allow for the creation of two parking spaces.

The semi-detached house currently has no off-street parking, is secured by a low lying wall with railings and has a paved path leading to the home.

Reading Chronicle: The plan to establish off-street car parking spaces at a home in Erleigh Road, Reading. Credit: M D Howlett Architectural Consultant

Some of the existing lawn would be retained so the occupants have use of a front garden.

The owner has provided evidence of nine other homes in the area where railings have been removed, part demolished or not built at all to justify the project.