A judge has handed a short jail sentence to a "bright young man" who got caught with drugs after trying to evade the police.

University student Marlon Mahoi, 25, of Longships Way in Reading, pleaded guilty to possession with intent to supply cannabis, possession of cocaine, and possession of criminal property.

He appeared at Reading Crown Court for sentencing today (March 13).

The court heard that, on December 1 last year, the defendant was observed by police in Argyle Street, Reading, near an area known for drug dealing activity.

Mahoi climbed into a car, and officers approached him, demanding that he stop and submit to a search.

The defendant refused, and was able to drive off - despite the officers smashing three of the car windows.

The vehicle was later found abandoned, and quantities of cannabis and cocaine were found inside.

Prosecuting barrister Adam Williams said that Mahoi had numerous convictions for drug offences, dating back to 2015 - when he was still a teenager.

He has already spent time in prison for some of these.

However, Rose Slowe, defending Mahoi, said that her client's conduct was the result of a cannabis addiction.

She said Mahoi had been attempting to feed his own habit by dealing, and had changed course since the offending.

He has recently enrolled as a business student at Canterbury Christchurch University - and Judge Neil Millard acknowledged that the defendant is a "bright young man."

Shooting down any suggestion that Mahoi was a professional criminal, Mrs Slowe said of his actions: "It's indicative of hopelessness, and the disease of addiction, rather than someone who's come out of prison and simply taken up their old ways."

In the end, the judge jailed Mahoi for 15 weeks, with half of the sentence to be served on licence.

This will allow him to start his university course upon release.

Judge Millard warned Mahoi against any return to criminal activity, stressing that he was giving him a chance.

The judge said: "It's quite clear to me you're bright. It's quite clear to me you have a future.

"I hope you take this opportunity now to take a better path in your life."