A family-run Italian food business could be expanding their operations to Reading.

The Zottadeli food store run by Rocco Zottarelli with help from his son Paulo has been in Winnersh since 2015.

A range of continental meats, drinks, pasta, sauces and other authentic foods and ingredients are sold from the store.

Now, the father and son team are hoping to open a new store and eatery in Reading.

Zottadeli could be taking over the Motorist’s Discount Centre in Basingstoke Road, Whitley and turning it into a deli and eatery.

Paulo Zottarelli explained: “We want to open a deli similar to our current store in Reading.

“The front of the store will be a deli, selling our current range.

“Then, at the back, we want to make an eatery selling paninis, pizza, English breakfast, tiramisu, ice cream and more.”

Reading Chronicle: The existing Zotta Deli business in Reading Road, Winnersh. Credit: Google MapsThe existing Zotta Deli business in Reading Road, Winnersh. Credit: Google Maps

Zottadeli wants to sell a selection of beers and wines to shoppers and potential dine-in customers.

In order for Zottadeli to sell alcohol, the business requires licensing consent from Reading Borough Council.

The business has applied to sell alcohol from 11am to 8pm each day, and play music from 7am to 8pm as well.

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Mr Zottarelli Jnr said: “We would sell premium wines and beers for people to take home to enjoy with Sunday lunch or a plate of pasta.

“For dining customers, they would be able to have a glass of beer or wine with their meal.”

He clarified that the deli and eatery would initially close at 7pm, with closure at 8pm being dependent on demand.

You can comment on the licensing application by emailing licensing@reading.gov.uk.

The deadline for responses is Friday, March 22.