HUNDREDS of drivers have been caught out in the past year for breaking yellow box rules in Reading, it has been revealed.

Drivers are not meant to stop in yellow boxes to keep junctions clear and traffic flowing, and for years the responsibility of enforcing the rule has been with Thames Valley Police.

But in November 2022, Reading Borough Council won the right to enforce moving traffic offences such as yellow box infractions from the government.

Enforcement of yellow box junctions began in February last year, with the council using number plate recognition cameras to catch out rule-breaking drivers.

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To comply with government rules on enforcement, drivers were given a written notice for six months, with a £70 penalty charge notice (PCN) fine being issued after that point or for a repeat offence.

The fine can be reduced to £35 if paid within 21 days.

For the two junctions where yellow box junction enforcement began in February 2023 a total of 393 warning notices were issued.

No repeat offenders were caught, therefore no PCN fines were issued.

The enforcement of yellow box offences has been the cause of controversy as road experts have claimed that the boxes in Reading do not comply with government guidance.

Sam Wright, the self-styled ‘Yellow Box Guru’ argued that the King’s Road and Eldon Road junction in a report to the RAC does not comply with this guidance.

Reading Chronicle: The yellow box at the junction of Kings Road and Eldon Road in Reading. Credit: Google Maps / Sam Wright, the Yellow Box GuruThe yellow box at the junction of Kings Road and Eldon Road in Reading. Credit: Google Maps / Sam Wright, the Yellow Box Guru

Meanwhile, Stephen Greaves, a chartered transportation professional with more than 30 years of experience has also been in touch with the council since last April to point out that yellow boxes in Reading do not comply with government guidance.

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The AA objected to moving traffic enforcement powers to the council prior to it receiving the powers as well, stating that fines are issued to drivers ‘often without cause’.

However, a council spokesperson rebuffed these arguments.

Replying to Mr Wright, the spokesperson said: “All yellow boxes which have gone live so far have been reviewed to ensure they are in line with current Department for Transport guidance and redesigned and re-marked where necessary before any enforcement began.”

Responding to The AA’s objections, Tony Page (Labour, Abbey), the former lead councillor for transport said the council’s teams are ‘fully trained’ on enforcement, and those who believe they have been fined unnecessarily can appeal.

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The figures for yellow box junctions were revealed in the council’s Annual Parking Services Report 2022/23 presented to its traffic management sub-committee on Wednesday, March 6.

Since 2022/23, yellow box enforcement has been introduced in the following locations:

  • Queen’s Road/Sidmouth Street
  • Oxford Road/Bedford Road west bound
  • Oxford Road/Grovelands Road
  • Bath Road/Burghfield Road east & west bound
  • Bath Road/Berkeley Avenue west bound

Figures for warning notices at the five junctions mentioned above are set to feature in the council’s Annual Parking Services Report 2023/24, which is predicted to be issued next year.

Enforcement of more yellow boxes is set to be rolled out at the London Road junctions with Cholmeley Road, Eldon Road and Craven Road, and Kendrick Road soon.