The amount of council tax you will pay in Reading has been set – and once again, the tax has been raised by the maximum amount allowed.

Each year, the tax is set at a full meeting of Reading Borough Council.

At the most recent meeting, councillors agreed to increase council tax by the maximum amount of 4.99 per cent without requiring a local referendum.

Properties throughout the country are divided into bands that determine the value of the homes and how much council tax the household should pay.

For the second year running, council taxpayers in Band D properties will pay more than £2,000.

Council tax has risen by £134.39 on average, a figure arrived at by dividing the calculated year-on-year increase by the eight council tax bands.

For those living in Band A-C properties, the increase has been kept under £100.

Residents can get a £80 grant off their tax bill if they receive Council Tax Support.

You can see the finalised figures in the table below:

The total figure includes taxes raised by Thames Valley Police and the Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Services.

Both of these emergency services are partly funded by council tax, with the police choosing to increase tax by 5.07 per cent and the fire service choosing to increase it by 2.99 per cent.

At the meeting, 44 councillors voted for the budget and all five Conservative councillors voting against it.

Labour councillors were joined by the seven Greens, three Liberal Democrats and cllr Sarah Hacker (Independent, Battle).

Cllr Amjad Tarar (Labour, Battle) was absent, with 31 Labour councillors voting for the budget.