An independent brewing company has announced the estimated opening for their Thatcham brewery and taproom following much excitement around the launch.

Delphic Brewery and Taproom – founded by Tom Broadbank in 2019 – will be opening new premises at the vacant Motorists Discount Centre on Mayors Lane.

Based out of a double-garage in Thatcham, the company produces small batches of cask ales and craft beers with an eye for flavour and quality.

West Berkshire CAMRA have announced that their alcohol licence has been granted for the business before opening.

The new brewery and taproom, located in Newbury town centre is part of its expansion plans for the business. The building will become the company's new headquarters for the brewery with plenty of space for a taproom for customers to enjoy the beer from the source.

Tom Broadbank said: “Having grown up in Thatcham and Newbury, it's home! We love Newbury and want to join its growing collection of independent businesses.

"Also, we strongly feel that while Newbury has a great selection of good real ale pubs, there's a gap in the market for a Brewery Taproom experience, and we want to be the destination for Craft Beer in the town!”

A crowd funder was set up by the company to help them achieve their dream of opening their new location and taproom in Newbury.

The crowd funder was created to help Delphic Brewing Company with the completion of the Taproom which will work alongside the brewery.

In 56 days, the crowdfunder had gained over £16,000 from 174 supporters.