Concern has been raised that logs and debris which are blocking streams could lead to yet more flooding in Reading.

The town is placed at the meeting point of the River Thames and the Kennet.

There are also contributing tributaries which flow into both rivers Reading,  and underground passages called culverts, which carry water underneath roads and railways.

The Gosbrook culvert near Heron Island in Caversham has recently become blocked by wooden logs and debris which has fallen into the stream.

Matt Rodda, the Labour MP for Reading East has called for debris to be cleared to allow the water to pass freely.

Mr Rodda said: “I am concerned that the logs and debris in the Gosbrook could potentially make flooding worse.

“Logs are almost blocking the culvert near Heron Island and this could act as a dam, stopping flood water flowing back into the Thames, and I have written to the Environment Agency to ask them to clear this.”

The Environment Agency is responsible for managing the flood risk in Reading.

You can report an environmental incident to the agency by calling 0800 80 70 60 or emailing

The Environment Agency has its Reading offices at Kings Meadow House. 

The Gosbrook stream runs between Heron Island and the Reading University Boat Club, and runs through Christchurch Meadows.