A beloved teacher, mother and wife has expressed her thanks after the local community pulled together to raise funds for her cancer treatment.

Sarah Brown, 37, from Spencers Wood, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2021 and after treatment was given the all-clear from doctors.

However, in an appointment earlier this year, Sarah's world came crashing down when cancer cells were found in her breast once again - with evidence that it had also spread to her spine and lungs. Sarah was told that she had incurable stage four metastatic cancer.

Speaking to the Chronicle, Sarah said: "It was a huge shock. We knew instantly we wanted to do everything we could [to treat the cancer] but also knew we didn't have the finances to do that."

Together with her husband Joff, the pair knew they were in a "dire battle against time" and turned to GoFundMe to appeal for funds to aid Sarah's treatment.

Sarah said: "It has been incredibly hard putting together the fundraiser. It wasn't an easy thing to do. It was incredibly painful. Nobody ever wants to be in this situation."

With an original goal of £24,000, just nine days after the fundraiser's launch on February 4, £33,415 has been raised for Sarah's treatment.

"We have been incredibly blown away by the response. I still haven't processed it," Sarah said.

"We just felt so grateful, but grateful doesn't seem like a big enough word. We were in awe."

Sarah has had to pause her teaching at Earley Saint Peter's Church of England Primary School, where fellow teacher, Kirsteen Austin, said she is a "wonderful" and "inspirational" teacher who is "well-loved".

Kirsteen added: "The parents, children and staff are heartbroken by this news and have been rounding support to fundraise for alternative treatments. 

"People adore her and the school community is pouring in love, money, and ideas for how to help. 

"Sarah is the kindest person I know. She is a wonderful mother and we want to give her the best possible chance to live as long as possible for her boys."

Sarah has two sons, Gabriel, age seven and Arthur age five, who Sarah wants to be around for for as long as possible.

Joff added: "They want their Mumma here, for as long as we can possibly keep her.

"We need to fight this beast to give them a chance to build the memories they so deserve to have with her."

The money raised will now go toward supplements and treatments including hyperbaric oxygen therapy and IV infusions.

Sarah added that she is "incredibly blessed" to have Joff who has been the "driving force" behind her appeal for help and plans for treatment.

Sarah feels it is "massively important" for all women to check their breasts for lumps.

"Don't be complacent and assume that you can't get breast cancer. Check yourself and get any irregularity checked.

"If you have a history of breast cancer in your family, flag it up to your GP to get genetic testing for gene mutations."

To give to the fundraiser visit gofundme.com/f/sarahs-fight-against-metastatic-breast-cancer