A Reading-based police officer has been sacked after telling a colleague he had an inappropriate dream about her - among other lewd remarks.

A gross misconduct hearing at the end of January found that Reading Police Constable Aaron Petford, an officer with the British Transport Police (BTP), made inappropriate comments to three colleagues.

All of the incidents took place in 2021 and 2022, and involved members of the same BTP team.

The female complainants - referred to in the subsequent report as 'PC A' and 'PC B' - detailed a pattern of behaviour.

On one occasion, PC Petford - who was off-duty at the time - texted PC B to say he had had a sexual dream about her.

While on patrol at a later date, PC Petford suggested the same officer should perform a sex act on him, after he got a police radio working.

PC A recalled confiding in PC Petford that her relationship had ended. By her own account, PC Petford then told the woman: "That means you're available for me, then."

These remarks were among 10 reported to BTP.

A third, male officer testified that, while working at Didcot Parkway Station, he and PC Petford were tasked with watching two young females, in the belief that they may try to jump the ticket barriers.

Referring to the two females, PC Petford asked the other officer: "Would you?"

PC Petford's inappropriate conduct was so persistent that PC B felt she needed to warn PC A about his behaviour.

The panel ruled that all 10 incidents took place.

It found that the comments had a detrimental impact not only on the female officers involved, but on the integrity of the team as a whole.

As a result, PC Petford has been dismissed without notice.

Deputy Chief Constable Alistair Sutherland, from BTP, said: "Through his actions, PC Petford showed his colleagues a complete lack of respect and professionalism, and made them feel uncomfortable over a prolonged period. 

"This is unacceptable, and in no way supports the values of this force."