A man has been found guilty of sexual assault after exploiting his delivery driver status.

Forid Khil, aged 28, of Mill Lane, Wokingham, was found guilty by unanimous jury verdict of two counts of sexual assault and one count of stalking, following a six-day trial at Reading Crown Court which concluded on Monday, February 5.

The first incident occurred at around 9.20pm on January 15 last year. The victim was walking alone along Reading Bridge when Khil approached her and blocked her way with a bike he used for making food deliveries.

He then asked her personal questions and demanded her phone number until she gave it to him. The victim thought that by giving him her phone number he would leave her alone, but he started to walk in the same direction as her.

Khil then sexually assaulted the victim by feigning a handshake and pulling her in to kiss her. Khil continued to call her and message her multiple times for two weeks until the victim reported the incident to the police.

The second incident occurred between February and July last year.

Khil befriended the victim and began bringing her free food from the delivery company he worked for. He invited himself into the victim’s home and due to his behaviour the victim told him she did not want to see him again.

After this he became obsessed and started turning up at her address every day, knocking on her door and windows, calling her and sending her messages and demanding for her to let him in. The victim refused and threatened to call the police.

The third incident occurred on June 30 last year, when another victim ordered food using a food delivery app.

At 11.15am Khil turned up at the victim’s house on his bike to deliver her food. Khil asked the victim invasive questions, demanded her phone number and asked to kiss her. When the victim declined, he put his foot in the way of the door, tried to push into her home, and reached forward with his hand and touched the victim over her clothing.

Following an investigation, Khil was arrested on August 3 last year and was charged the following day.

Investigating officer Detective Constable Anaïs Banneville, part of the Priority Crime Team based at Reading police station, said: “I would like to thank the victims for coming forward and supporting our investigation and their bravery should be recognised.

“Khil’s behaviour was extremely predatory and was clearly escalating, targeting lone, vulnerable women and exploiting his delivery driver status to carry out offences.

 “I hope this conviction goes some way in giving victims the confidence to come forward to the police to report such offences.

“Thames Valley Police is dedicated to tackling violence against women and girls by identifying and pursuing those who commit these crimes.

“For victims of sexual assault, coming forward and reporting it is incredibly hard, but we urge anyone who has been subjected to these terrible crimes, to speak up.  We will believe you and support you throughout the process.

“You can contact us via our website, by calling 101, or by visiting a police station.”

Khil is due to be sentenced on March 18 at the same court.