An incident of illegal fly-tipping was reported this month after two large containers were dumped in the countryside.

Officers and officials from the Public Protection Partnership and waste enforcement team received reports of the containers that were abandoned on Holly Farm Lane/The Slade, Bucklebury on Friday, January 12.

The two containers were found to be full of brand new electrical and plugs which had been cut off the leads. The plastic protection still covered the plugs when they were disposed of in the forest.

It is believed that these have been removed from a premise by a waste carrier or someone who said that they could clear up waste at a nearby property.

The waste enforcement team in West Berkshire now needs help identifying the dumped electrical goods in the hope of finding the illegal fly-dumper.

The PPP released an appeal following the incident. They said: "Have you had these removed from your premises by a waste carrier or someone who said they could clear your waste?

"If so please get in touch, quoting the reference number 15594828 or email again quoting the reference number 15594828."

Fly-tipping is an illegal and punishable offense that can lead to fines and/or a prison sentence.

It is also an eyesore and harmful to both the environment and those who come into contact with it.