Bobby Brazier's grandmother was left in tears after watching the Strictly Come Dancing star perform for the first time ever.

Jackiey Budden travelled all the way to Newcastle to see her grandson take part in the Strictly Come Dancing Live! tour.

She could be seen standing and waving to Bobby as he lifted the Glitterball Trophy alongside his dance partner Dianne Buswell.

This comes after reports that she has been "banned" from attending the Strictly studio because of an apparent feud with Jeff Brazier.

Bobby Brazier's grandmother was 'banned' from watching him perform on Strictly Come Dancing

Jade Goody's mum was also said to have been "very upset" at spending Christmas alone and "would do anything" to see Bobby Brazier and his brother.

A source close to the family told the Mail on Sunday that Jackiey spent Christmas at her London flat instead of being with Bobby and Freddie.

They said: "It’s tremendously sad for Jackiey, the boys are really the only family she has left since Jade died," adding: "She would give anything to be with them on the day, to give them their presents and tell them how much she loves them."

Speaking of the tumultuous relationship between Jackiey and Jeff, the source said: "Jeff and Jackiey haven't got on for a long time and it has been hard.

"It has meant that Jackiey hasn't been able to be in the audience to watch Bobby, things are just too bad between her and his father.

"He and his brother Freddie are her only grandchildren and she adores them, there is nothing she would love more than to be there to watch him live."

This comes after the Strictly Come Dancing star told the Mirror how much his "nearest and dearest" have helped him in recent years.

He said: "I realised the other day - which I'm really grateful to have re-remembered - is that the reason that doing stuff like this is so so fun and so cool is because it's not just me who experiences it, but it's my team too. It's my friends and family and my nearest and dearest that all experience it to the same level.

"That's the best thing in the world. I love it and I love that so much to be able to bring my best friends or my friends to cool things that I'm able to do. That's what makes it fun because otherwise - I don't really know."

Bobby Brazier lost out on the Glitterball Trophy after Coronation Street star Ellie Leach was crowned winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2023.