With the last nail-biting episode of The Traitors upon us, one man from Berkshire is set to face off against four others for the cash prize.

BBC One's The Traitors is a competition series built on strategy and suspicion, where a team of players will compete in missions, with each mission they win adding to the prize pot.

However, amongst the players lie the ‘Traitors’, a group who meet in secret and decide who to eliminate from their fellow players known as the ‘Faithfuls’.

The aim for the Traitors is to stay undetected until the end, the aim for the Faithful is to banish all of the Traitors before the game ends. 

Harry Clark was selected to be a Traitor on the first night of the series and is now the only original traitor left.

The 22-year-old British Army engineer from Slough said that he would play the game as “that person who takes everyone on my back so we can make it to the finish line”.

After navigating his way to the final with some calculated decisions, watchers are divided over who will win.

In Thursday's episode (January 25), Harry revealed what he would do if he won the cash prize, currently standing at £75,000.

"My happiness comes from seeing my family happy - like my brothers and my sisters. Mine is like a madhouse, there are 11 or 12 of us.

"It'd be the best thing to be able to go home and that Saturday be like 'Let's all go out' but at the end no-one's got to worry about paying it.

"Just being able to go up and pay the bill. That would be amazing.

"It [the money] just sets me up for my next chapter in life. Getting a place would be amazing, then I've always got somewhere to call home."

Speaking about the final he added: "I love everyone. They've all been genuine connections. Now everyone's super close it's tough."

Harry added "I feel guilty", referring to how he is deceiving the other contestants.

The Traitors finale airs tonight on BBC One at 9pm.