NHS nurse Steven Hicks has been convicted of sexually assaulting an 85-year-old woman in a fake 'care visit'.

The 60 year old, of Quentin Road, was found guilty of attacking the pensioner following a two-week trial at Reading Crown Court - during which he denied any wrongdoing.

Jurors were shown a variety of evidence before giving their final verdict of guilty.

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Evidence included in the trial was local ring doorbell footage of Hicks fleeing the area after the attack, as well as recordings of his interviews with Special Investigator Philippa Sharman.

Thames Valley Police have now made some of this material public.

Hicks, a resident of Quentin Road in Woodley, attacked a pensioner after gaining access to her Earley home through an elaborate plan of deception in January 2022.

He claimed to be there for a routine care visit - and, once inside, carried out what Special Investigator Sharman described as a "horrendous" attack.

He used confidential NHS records to research his victim, after visiting her home as part of his work as a nurse in December 2021.

After arresting Hicks, police learned he had read up on the assault online.

He told investigators he had done this after seeing a Reading Chronicle front page newspaper headline about a sex attack on a pensioner.

But the Chronicle did not run this story in the newspaper until days after Hicks began researching the assault.

Following a two-week trial at Reading Crown Court, a jury convicted Hicks of sexual assault. He will be sentenced at the same court on January 25.