The Met Office has warned next week will be "very cold" as Berkshire sees temperatures dip below zero overnight.

Tonight (January 14) we will see temperatures fall to -3 degrees Celsius, which will carry into tomorrow, with a predicted high of 2 degrees Celsius.

It is predicted to be dry with light winds and clear skies.

Looking further into the week, the Met Office say it will be "very cold throughout".

It will be a dry and bright Tuesday with highs of 3 degrees Celsius and lows of -1 degrees Celsius.

The Met Office added: "There is a chance of some rain or snow along the south coast overnight. Becoming dry and sunny on Wednesday and Thursday. Widespread overnight frosts."

However, Wednesday will once again see temperatures fall to -3 with highs of 3 degrees Celsius.

Thursday will see the last of the below-freezing overnight temperatures (-1) before it starts getting warmed on Thursday and Friday. 

Amy Fellows, National Network Manager at National Highways said: “Freezing conditions bring so many hazards such as snow and ice, so take every possible step to understand your journey in advance and allow lots of extra time when travelling to prepare for the unexpected.

“National Highways also reminds motorists to keep TRIP in mind ahead of journeys – Top-up: oil, water, screen wash; Rest: rest every two hours; Inspect: Inspect tyres and lights and Prepare: check your route and the weather forecast.”