A Berkshire mum who decided to take the plunge into content creating on TikTok during lockdown has seen her life transform.

Joanne Elliott, 42, from Thatcham joined TikTok in March 2020 amid the Coronavirus lockdown.

She had just started a cleaning job at a hotel when the rug was pulled from under her feet and she found herself back at home like many of us during the pandemic.

"It was hard but doing TikTok got me through it," she said.

"I downloaded TikTok just to have a look and see what it was about."

Deciding to get stuck in, she said: "I started doing some of the silly dances and then moved on to lip-syncing other people's sounds."

It was only when Joanne began creating skits that she saw her views really take off.

"I had one video really take off which is on 15.7million views now and the followers started flooding in from there.

@bluelady4929 If only it was that easy! #joettes 💙 #bluelady4929 #itsajoke #officer #police #carcheck #jokes #sketch ♬ original sound - Bluelady4929

"I never thought it would happen to me - a mum of two. It was crazy and exciting."

Today Joanne's following on her account @bluelady4929 stands at 1.4million.

Through the creation of a family of characters, Joanne explores the ups and downs of everyday life through sketches, POVs and comedy.

Joanne takes her inspiration from things she sees and hears, but thinks most things up when she is at home.

Talking about the process of creating videos, Joanne said: "Coming up with ideas is the longest bit. It can take several hours to come up with an actual idea.

"Once I get that idea I write it out. Right now each video is probably taking an hour to get it filmed, edited and put on.

"I try and do three videos a day.

"It is quite a bit of pressure to keep this up, but I like to keep my followers entertained - I do it all for them."

Joanne says her family are her "biggest supporters", including her two teenage children aged 15 and 18.

Since her large following began in March 2023, Joanne appointed an agent and has since been approached to record adverts.

"I've probably done eight or nine adverts including Deep Heat and Walkers," she said.

"I also get to go out to events. Recently we got to go to the launch of Ashley Banjo's Peacock's range. Getting to meet him was quite amazing."

Speaking of her highlights since her content-creating journey began, Joanne said: "It's all of it. Making the videos, I just love doing it and the comments that I get where someone is feeling down and my videos help them smile."

Joanne recommends starting a TikTok to anyone who has been considering it.

"Go for it. Enjoy it, embrace it. It is so much fun," she added.

"If anyone is looking to break out into social media just go for it.

"You do obviously get hate comments but you just have to learn to get past them. There are a lot more good comments out there."