A Berkshire leisure centre has been closed after extensive flooding in the area has caused a detrimental effect on houses in the area.

Located on Northcroft Lane in Newbury, Northcroft Leisure Centre is an Everyone Active gym and swimming pool which offers services to the public seven days a week.

Following the effects of Storm Henk and the impact of rising water levels, the leisure centre has been forced to shut its doors.

The closure is expected to continue for the next few days as local flooding dissipates and the road is reopened.

James from the Everyone Active leisure centre said: “The road has been closed off to the leisure centre today anyway so to stop people from coming down it we have decided to close.

“When cars travel down the road it is pushing the water into the houses on both sides and this is causing flooding.

“We’ll be closed for the next couple of days until the water dissipates and the road reopens."

Members have been notified that anyone who has booked classes today will be able to get a credit note for another day or they can also apply for a refund online.