A hopeful candidate has put his hat in the ring to become the MP of a new parliamentary seat covering Reading and West Berkshire.

Adrian Abbs, a former Liberal Democrat who blasted his previous party has announced that he will be running as an Independent candidate for the new Reading West and Mid Berkshire MP seat.

Mr Abbs has been on West Berkshire Council since 2019 and has experience in business which he says stands him in good stead to represent the area in parliament.

Cllr Abbs said: “I’ve lived in Reading and West Berkshire for over 25 years now, with my children having attended school in Reading.

“My company -the day job- is based in Newbury. My journey into politics has been motivated by one thing. Having built my business, I wanted to use my free time to give back to society.

“Alongside my real-world experience as a local and international businessman, I have demonstrated determination and success when it comes to getting ideas adopted both whilst in opposition and when on the council executive.

“As an MP, I would look to do the same in Parliament.

“In other words, working with others towards finding solutions, rather than just constantly point scoring or shouting down the opposition.”

Cllr Abbs was elected as a Liberal Democrat for the Newbury Wash Common ward on West Berkshire Council.

However, he split from the party following an unsuccessful bid to become their candidate last year.

Liberal Democrat members instead chose Helen Belcher as their candidate in October.

Cllr Abbs said: “If like many others, you’re tired of the same old party politics, then why not make your vote count and send a signal to Parliament, by supporting me as I announce my candidacy?

“I can be the lightning rod that starts debate and ensures every vote can count at the next election!

“Unlike most career politicians, my focus is very much on putting people first and not the political party they represent.

“If, like me, you’ve concluded that party politics is broken and it’s time for a change, then by voting for me you can help bring about that change.

“You can be sure that I will represent your interests first and foremost.”

He added: “Old keys can’t unlock new locks. Make a new key and vote independent.”

Cllr Abbs said the ‘most critical’ issue he would focus on would be t tackling energy cost and energy security as ‘a top priority’.

He has described himself as a “centralist who believes in a fair opportunity for all.”

The Reading West and Mid Berkshire constituency was effectively created last Summer when the Boundary Commission’s redrawing of the political map of England was accepted.

The constituency covers the Reading borough wards of Tilehurst, Kentwood and Norcot, the suburbs of Calcot and Theale and surrounding West Berkshire villages.