Hundreds of postcodes across Berkshire have been left without power after several power cuts yesterday (2/1).

According to Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, the first unplanned power cut in Reading occurred at 2:54pm on Tuesday, January 2.

The postcodes that were affected were RG4 6TT and RG4 6UR in Sonning.

The outage is predicted to be solved by 4 pm this evening (3/1).

Another power cut was reported in Twyford yesterday affecting over 45 postcodes.

These postcodes are RG4 8UA, RG10 9DH, RG10 9DJ, RG10 9DW, RG10 9DX, RG10 9FH, RG10 9HZ, RG10 9NP, RG10 9QB, RG10 9QD, RG10 9QE, RG10 9QF, RG10 9QG, RG10 9QH, RG10 9QJ, RG10 9QL, RG10 9QN, RG10 9QP, RG10 9QQ, RG10 9QR, RG10 9QS, RG10 9QT, RG10 9QU, RG10 9QW, RG10 9QX, RG10 9QZ, RG10 9RJ, RG10 9RN, RG10 9RT, RG10 9RZ, RG10 9SJ, RG10 9TR, RG10 9TS, RG10 9TT, RG10 9TX, RG10 9UG, RG10 9UH, RG10 9UJ, RG10 9UL, RG10 9UN, RG10 9UQ, RG10 9US, RG10 9UW and RG10 9WA

Customers reported the outage at 6:30 pm on Tuesday, January 2. It is predicted to be fixed by 4 pm on January 3.

According to SSEN, 12 customers have been affected at this time by the power outage.

The various power cuts are believed to be due to the yellow weather warning which was issued covering areas across England and Wales south of Nottingham.

Members of the public were told to expect interruptions to power supplies and other services.

Other power cuts across Berkshire include multiple neighborhoods in Bracknell Forest and one area in Slough.