A very un-festive art installation appeared on a Sonning roundabout this Christmas depicting a ‘washed up’ and seemingly homeless Santa.

On Wednesday, December 20, the artist known as ‘Improv’ showcased his creation on the Playhatch roundabout on the A4155 just outside Sonning.

The ‘drunk’ Santa installation includes the normally jolly character sleeping on a bench, surrounded by beer cans, and clinging to a bottle of wine.

The almost lifelike mannikin is just one of Improv's pieces that has created waves around Reading.

The Chronicle spoke to the artist who explained the idea behind his design.

He said: “I have a deep dislike for our current Western Christmas which has basically become a celebration of metallic colours, unpleasant foods, indigestion, and debt.

“The washed-up Santa is basically my attempt to stem the avalanche of Yuletide jollity and is part of a series I've been doing through the years - it's an antidote to Slade.

“Without trying to justify myself in any way, I do feel that this kind of thing adds to the sum total of human gaiety and helps to make life more interesting.”

The installation which took residence on the roundabout on the Wednesday before Christmas has now been removed by an unknown source.

‘Improv’ previously created a Xmas Rocket which was placed on the roundabout and lasted for around five months before being removed.

This installation artist has become known across Reading and Wokingham for his other weird and wonderful creations that pop up throughout the year which have often mystified residents.

The piece that got worldwide attention was the post box when it was spotted attached to Sonning Bridge.

Sonning residents were even trying to keep it there despite the bridge being a listed structure.

This piece of art was auctioned off and now hangs in The Bull in Sonning which is one of the area's most famed watering holes. 

Watch out for more of his work in the new year.