The fate of plans to build a new Aldi in Winnersh branded “madness” by one neighbour is set to be decided next week.

The budget supermarket chain wants to build a new store on Gazelle Close just south of Winnersh Triangle – a proposal welcomed by several nearby residents.

But some neighbours have warned that more traffic could increase the chances of crashes at a nearby busy road they say is already risky. And the Environment Agency has objected to the plan as it risks being flooded if the nearby river Loddon overflows.

Simon Cooper, an occupier of the neighbouring Winnersh Fields business park, said pedestrians could be “terrorised” by drivers visiting the new store, in an objection to Wokingham Borough Council.

He said: “This is madness, it will destroy our car park access and our environment. There is not the space for this mad proposal and it will be a disaster for everyone except those who visit on foot who may well be terrorised by frustrated drivers anyway.”

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Other neighbours have warned that if the new Aldi is approved, there should be new safety measures brought in at Gazelle Close’s junction with Reading Road. Drivers exiting onto Reading Road are only allowed to turn left – but residents say the banned right turn is often ignored.

Peter Lunn of Reading Road said he supported the plans – but warned that there were “daily near-misses” at the junction.

He said: “I hear cars horns all the time and people illegally screeching out of Gazelle Close turning right. More traffic coming out of Gazelle Close turning right will only make things worse and could lead to a fatality.”

On top of this, the Environment Agency warns that most of the site is on a floodplain, and that the shop shouldn’t be built.

But Wokingham Borough Council planning officers say the shop’s drainage plans are acceptable. They say most of the floodplain will be taken up by the new car park, which the shop will be raised above.

They also argue that there are no nearby suitable alternative sites to build the new supermarket. And several residents have written in to say they would welcome an affordable supermarket nearby.

Megan Emery of Calver Close said: “I think this will be extremely helpful and useful. For those who live in Winnersh and have no means of transporting/driving to get to an affordable local supermarket this would be so helpful.”

Planning officers recommend that councillors vote to approve the proposal at a meeting of the borough’s planning committee on Wednesday, December 13.