A Go Fund Me set up to celebrate a heroic crane driver who rescued a co-worker from a colossal Reading fire has reached over £10,000.

As previously reported, Glen Edwards, 65, saved a fellow construction worker when he became trapped at the top of the burning building at Station Hill.

A video showing Mr Edward’s crane lifting a cage to the top of the burning tower to allow the man to jump inside it with the help of a further workman was circulated across social media.

After watching this shocking clip, Jordan Grant, a construction worker from Sunderland was inspired to reach out to other people to reward Glen for his bravery.

Jordan spoke to the Chronicle where he expressed his happiness at the GoFundMe’s success.

He said: “Glen is so happy and humbled at how many people have reached out and donated to ‘buy him a drink’ through the GoFundMe.

“I’m really not surprised at the success it has had because it is obviously a very worthy cause. Anyone who watched the video can see that if it wasn’t for Glen the result of the fire would have been very different.

“I’ve worked in the construction industry for around 10 years. When I watched that video, I seen myself as the guy standing there on the leading edge of the building which was 16 stories from the ground.

“My initial reaction was ‘someone buy that man a beer’ which became what the GoFundMe was centered around.”

Although Mr Grant had no experience or knowledge about setting up a GoFundMe initially, he soon got in contact with Mr Edwards and with GoFundMe's help ensured that Glen was receiving the money that was donated.

He was inspired to set it up after seeing another fundraiser on social media which was raising money for a Deliveroo Driver who had saved someone’s life.

Mr Grant said: “It was just a coincidence that the video of the rescue and the GoFundMe for the Deliveroo driver jumped into my feed at the same time.

“After that I learnt that Glen was a 65-year-old who is still up there operating the cranes 12 hours a day. Another crane driver possibly could have left the site as soon as they saw the fire but he was still there.

“Some people have commented saying he was just doing his job but at the end of the day for the sake of a fiver and a couple of shares on a social media post, Glen has been recognised for his bravery.

“Donating a fiver to buy Glen a beer was a very simple suggestion but after watching the rescue I’m sure that there are so many people who have felt a sense of satisfaction from it.”

According to Jordan, the construction worker who was rescued by Mr Edwards is happy to be alive and ready to get on with life again after the harrowing experience.