Rishi Sunak has been challenged over a promised new Royal Berkshire Hospital, as he answered questions from MPs in parliament.

Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust was promised one of the 40 new hospitals by 2030, announced by the Conservative government in 2020.

But health trust chiefs and the government’s department for health are still negotiating proposals for the new hospital – including where it should be and how much it will cost.

Liberal Democrat leader Ed Davey demanded answers from Mr Sunak over delays to the new hospitals – highlighting Royal Berkshire – at prime minister’s question time on Wednesday, November 29.

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He said: “Three years ago the government made a commitment to 40 new hospitals and significant upgrades to hospitals in most need. But today many schemes are badly delayed.

“The Royal Berkshire, stuck at the development with not a single pound transferred for construction.”

Mr Sunak did not address Royal Berkshire directly. But he said the government was sticking to its promise.

He said: “We are delivering 40 hospitals by 2030. Good progress is already being made.” He added: “Three schemes are already open, two are opening this year and 16 are in construction or work has begin to prepare the site.”

But he said the government had had to prioritise those hospitals where buildings contained crumbling  RAAC concrete.