A man has been allowed to keep a hydraulic car lift outside his garage temporarily despite neighbour complaints - so that he can renovate an old car.

The car enthusiast has already installed the lift on Kingfisher Drive in Woodley – and some neighbours complained that it would create noise and potentially affect the values of their properties.

One neighbour said: “I strongly object to the erection of hydraulic car ramp in the residential area. The repairing of vehicles is going to be noisy and inconvenient as it may turn into commercial enterprise.

“It may also affect the value of my house. Moreover, due to limited parking space, the access to my driveway may be restricted.”

But Woodley Town Council was reassured that it would only be there temporarily while the man renovated an old car as a hobby.

The town council said: “The committee have been advised by the applicant that the ramp is being used for him to renovate an old vehicle as a hobby.

“In light of this, the committee had no objections to the application, on the grounds that the ramp is purely for domestic use and is not to be used as part of a commercial operation.”

And Wokingham Borough Council agreed it should be allowed to stay until 22 May 2025 – and ruled that it must not be used commercially.