SHOCKING footage has been captured by members of the public of what appears to be a worker being rescued from a burning building in Reading.

Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service were called to the fire at Station Hill Construction Site near Napier Road at 11:38am today (Thursday, November 23), with thousands spotting the black smoke.

The road, as well as Friar Street, has been closed off by police cordons as flames could be seen climbing above the building - which has been confirmed as a  'working office under construction'.

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Footage has emerged showing was appears to be a person stuck on top of the burning building with dark smoke climbing behind them.

A crane carrying a white 'cage' is lowered down to the person, who climbs in, before the crane carries them off the site.

Lookers-on could be heard cheering for the crane as it appears to rescue the person while sirens blare in the background.

[Video credit: Kiran Chalke]

They could be heard shouting: "Come on, get him in there."

Police and the fire service are still at the scene. An official statement and what has caused the fire and what the extent of the damage is has yet to be announced.

People are urged to avoid the area and keep their windows closed.