Devastated residents throughout Tilehurst have said that it is the ‘end of an era’ after a 20-year-old Hardware store announces their closure.

C&G Hardware has been providing residents across the village with an Aladdin's cave of household essentials throughout the last two decades.

The decision to close their doors for the final time was made due to a combination of falling sales over the past 18 months and the end of their 10-year tenancy agreement which they weren't ready to renew.

Customers and frustrated villagers took to social media following the news to express their dissatisfaction.

Anna D’Adamo-Connor, a resident said: “Very sad to see you go. You could always find any obscure item I was looking for! I don't live in Reading anymore but have great memories of your shop.

“All the very best to you both Geoff! My son Jack worked for you at the weekends too.”

Another shopper, Lenny Duncan followed up that if you couldn’t find what you were looking for anywhere else, C&G Hardware was guaranteed to have it.

This is something that the owners said that they prided themselves on.

Julie Wiggins added: “So sad to see you’re closing. You and your team have always been so helpful and pleasant, Tilehurst won’t be the same without you!

Although the pair will still be running the Bus and Train Shed in Tilehurst, they have been wished a happy retirement by many people who know them from both their previous newsagents and C&G Hardware.

The closure of independent shops on the high street has been a big topic for debate over the last few years.

The growth of internet shopping has increased competition and variety.

Many residents have agreed that the loss of the high street and small independent businesses is due to rising rents and falling footfall.

Jan Koslicki said: “If you don’t shop with a small business they will close, too much competition nowadays online.”

Diane Haines added: “What a shame I've shopped in there many a time. Sad to see so many small businesses shut.

“The way we live is changing so much soon you won't have to leave your house at all. [With] Online shopping everything and anything can be delivered to your door.