A Reading riverside pub has been forced to close its doors this week.

Following news that the Jolly Anglers was up for sale in June, a ‘Notice of Possession’ was spotted at the entrance alongside the boarded-up doors and windows.

The letter from a Manchester-based company called CG&Co outlined that they had taken possession of the Jolly Anglers and changed the locks.

The notice said: “The Receivers of the Property [CG&Co ] have now taken possession of the Property by changing the locks to it and securing it from entry by anyone other than the receivers and/or their lawful agents.

“Having therefore entered into possession of the Property, the Receivers will then proceed to exercise any and or all of the lawful rights of management and or sale of the Property as may have been given to them by reason of their appointment.”

The Jolly Anglers, a riverside pub on the Kennet River, underwent a 100K renovation where a swimming pool and poolside bar were installed.

This received a mixed response from members of the community.