Despite many across Reading celebrating various festivities over the last few weekends with numerous fireworks displays, multiple residents have expressed their grievances about late-night bangs.

Due to the multitude of online complaints, a considerable amount of people have now suggested that there should be more regulations regarding fireworks displays.

Many suggested that there should be a curfew for private displays or simply that they should only be allowed at public events.

Some members of the public have even likened the festive fireworks to “bombs,” and have questioned why “such huge explosions” are available to the general public.

Many have taken to Facebook to air their grievances, the majority seeming to feel this way due to pets and children fearing the loud bangs.

One user said: “noisy fireworks have serious negative effects on humans, wildlife, and pets.

They continued: “Personally I wish the government would legislate and only allow low-noise fireworks, as they have done in Collencchio in Italy.”

Many agreed that louder fireworks should only be allowed at public displays, with silent ones being sold to the public for private celebrations.

Another user stated: “I think it’s ok if it’s in late afternoon or evening, and not the massive noise makers that they seem to be using this year,

“They traumatize animals, ours is only just recovering 10 days later. The big bangs at 10:30 pm is just unacceptable, and if at that time it is part of some tradition, change it and do it now.”

Some comments regarding fireworks being let off late into the night followed the most recent celebrations of Diwali on November 12. 

In response, others called the complaints "ridiculous" and added that the recent firework celebrations linked to Diwali were a lot less frequent/noisy than those experienced during the weekend that followed Guy Fawkes night.

One user said: “Nothing close to that (Guy Fawkes Night) tonight. Let others celebrate in peace, and they have until 1 am! Legal firework law.”

In agreement with the previous statement, others also took to the comment section slamming those who took grievances against the celebrations.

One said: “Honestly sick of hearing the rants about fireworks. Yes, animals, the elderly, and children/youngsters may get frightened but with enough care, it's all good.

 “Let's all let each other celebrate and respect one another.”